We teach girls to build community and to give back.

We build community service into our program to develop strong, compassionate female leaders. We strive to build healthy environments for all people and give everyone equal opportunities.

Why Community Service?

According to the UNCE Young Volunteers fact sheet, youth who volunteer are more likely to do well in school, graduate, and vote. Young volunteers expand their social circle and enhance their social awareness and feel like a valued contributor of society.

Our girls have the opportunity to run soccer and leadership camps for other girls; to travel to other countries and help with the environment; to conduct used-clothing and equipment drives at their schools; to host tournaments; to speak at events; and more.


  • Organize clothing and equipment drives for girls in Nicaragua and in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

  • Travel internationally to less-served countries

  • Volunteer as Junior Coaches at our free after-school sites

  • Help out at our events
    A great way to get started is with the Anne Wagner women’s soccer tournament, which takes place every August!

Service Trips Abroad

  • 2019 Paris, France, for the Women’s World Cup

  • 2018 Costa Rica Middle School & High School Girls Group

  • 2017 Sweden Middle School Girls Group

  • 2016 Nicaragua Middle School Girls Group

  • 2015 Nicaragua College Group

  • 2014 Tanzania Women's Group

  • 2013 Nicaragua High School Girls Group


Interested in joining us on our next international soccer service trip?