Oakland/East Bay

As part of our mission to build community across communities, we are traveling across bridges to provide new opportunities for girls in Oakland and the East Bay, California.

Oakland/East Bay Programs

Through our after-school and club-teams programs, we aim to serve girls ages 5 to 18 years old. In order to maintain our quality and character, our goal is to remain a small, intimate, community-driven, boutique club. This means we are selective and do our best to provide opportunities for girls to be part of our club and our organization.

When you register, you can sign up for collegiate camp and clinic experiences with local, licensed coaches!

We offer financial aid and player scholarships to any families in need. We are committed to being the lowest-cost club in the City and providing opportunities for all girls, with the same level of quality and service. Please contact us for more information about scholarships.


Interested in participating, joining this branch, or becoming a partner public school / organization?
Please contact us at info@girlsleadinggirls.org.


Free After-School Sites

As a part of our mission to provide equal opportunities to all girls of all socioeconomic backgrounds annually, we offer FREE soccer and leadership programming to a select number of public schools in high-need areas of Oakland and the East Bay.


We currently work with the following schools:

  • Hoover Elementary School, Oakland

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Oakland

  • Emerson Elementary School, Oakland

  • Sankofa Academy, Oakland


Special thanks to our collaborating organization partners.

(And thank you for your generous donations!)